The Comapny :

PTFE : Polytetra Fluoroethylene an Engineering plastics is compression molded in various shape, forms and convert in engineering products by Vijay Raj Engineers. The company is managed by technocrats and product is manufactured under strict supervision ensuring excellent quality to end user.


The Advantages & Superiority :

PTFE to be processed and covert in finish product by Customer's require standard is done by Vijay Raj Engineers have superior in quality. Because of using the world renown company's raw material like Dupont, Hoechst, ICI, Diakin, HFL and having own tool room with highly skill technicians molded & fabricated the product with international standard quality have following characteristics.

Low coefficient of friction 
Chemical inertness 
Non toxic
Self flammable
Excellent weathering resistance
Non Flammable
Exhibits lowest value of static & dynamic friction
Negligible water absorption
   Outstanding electrical properties over a wide frequency range
Operating temperature range : -270 C to +260 C

The Product : Delivering a New Standard of Performance :

Vijay Raj product can be available in standard shape as below :

Rods Tubes "O"ring
Bushes Gaskets Mechanical seal
Sheets Bellows Components

Depending on the use application Die can be designed to tailor made requirement of customer as below :

Rubber, Diaphragms vulcanized with PTFE
Piston rings
Envelope gasket
Compressor component
Ball valve seat rings
Spindle rings

Special items or size available from us.

Helping you achieve optimum result :

In all grade of PTFE and their copolymer we can do Carbon filled, Glass filled, Bronze filled, Graphite filled, MOS2, compressed molding. Teflon skived tapes and moulded sheet can be furnished with one of  more surfaces chemically etched for adhesive bonding.

Application development :

Product by Vijay Raj from Rubber, PTFE, Cast, Moulded, Polyurethane, Plastic & Fiber is extensively in use by PLANT & INDUSTRIES like Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Aeronautics, Space Engineering, Mechanical, Petrochemical, Drugs, Rubber and plastics, Marine lines, Electrical & Electronics, Agricultural, Fertilizer. Paper and pulp, Distribution and generation of Power, Food, Beverages, Lime, Cement, Ceramics, Glass, Metallurgical, Metal, Textile, Mining etc.

If you can imagine the possibilities of product, please well come to Vijay Raj to make your vision come true.

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