Metal-Bonded Products Flexible Couplings

Discs and Diaphragms

Jari industries roller

We have successfully manufacturing jari rollers which are designed in such a way as to have accurate winding. Which can withstand abrasion, pressure and temperature.

Silicon Products

Silicone tubeing, sponge code used in some of Dairy equipment, food industries, textile, power plans and pharmaceuticals. They are nontoxic inert and can withstand, a temperature between 50 c to 300 c.

We can manufacture any moulding and extruded products adds up to a wide range of rubber items which includes Gasket, Bushes, Bellows, 'O' ring, U-seal, V-seal, Grommet, Diaphragms, rubber to metal, rubber to cloth & Metal Bonding parts, sheet, etc.

Our products are crafted exactly as per customers drawings/sample from any polymers. We will Provide best quality products at most competitive price.

We deal with jet dyeing, drum washer, printing machine, texchursing, and other dairy plants, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical industries, Jari Industries, Water plants, power plants and government sector.

Development is the key for "Vijay Raj success" our company is engaged in manufacturing unmatched quality rubber compound of different polymers such as Natural, Nitril, Neoprene, EPDM, Haypolone, Butyal, Polyurethene, Silicon, Viton and many more.

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